South America


SOLO South AMERICA Experdition, March - september 2009






In 2009 (so long time ago now) I took 6 months to travel around the diverse, wild, and culturally rich lands of South America. Starting out in the jungles of Ecuador, then moving onto the beautiful Galapagos islands, followed by Peru, the Inca Trail, then Chile and finally Bolivia. Never had I been to such diverse lands; tropical jungles; forests, desert, salts flats, seas, cliffs, beaches & urban cities.  I rode, hiked, climbed, snowboarded, para-glided, sanded boarded, drove, buggy-ed, swung, swam, sailed and slept on this land, and I still only feel like I touched the surface.

Even after all these years I am still revisiting this place, and I think I'll be producing work inspired by South America for many years to come.