you can commission either a drawing or a snowboard. 

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Drawings are created using pen, paint markers and pastels on conservation grade mountboard, and will be sent flat. I mainly use ‘soft white’ mountboard but I can use darker colours if appropriate. Drawing commissions are generally based on a specific location/image supplied by the customer and I’m happy to discuss any ideas/colours you have in mind.

Sizes begin from 59 x 84cm (A1) to 100cm x 150cm, in either landscape or portrait orientation, and can be supplied framed or unframed.




Snowboards are pieces of wall art and are created using spray-paint, paint markers and pen on hand cut plywood and finished with a coat of resin and hanging fixtures. These are not functional snowboards and are for display purposes only. If you would like to commission me to create a design for a real snowboard please email me direct, Snowboards can be painted to hang either vertically or horizontally. I’m happy to design snowboards to any idea/design/colour theme you have (within the scope of my work). Due to the nature and size of the snowboards it is slighter more challenging to recreate a full drawing of a specific image, however if you do have a specific image or location in mind I will happily let you know how it could work. This could require either just cropping or choosing a specific part/feature of the image or taking elements and redesigning into an abstract design.

I create two sizes of board; Mini Boards at 120 x 21cm & Full-size Boards at 157 x 26cm

For all commissions I’m very to happy to discuss any ideas you might have, crazy or not, so don’t be shy. I schedule my commissions throughout the year, which means there might be up to a three month’s wait. I do aim to accommodate you, so please let me know as early as possible if you need the work completed by a specific date. Extra time will be required if the work is being framed.

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