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I’ve been super busy WORKING with some amazing artists and we’re so excited to be launching a brand new network of artist's and like-minded individuals and associations committed to, and producing work about the natural world.


The Wilderness Art Collective is a group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists, whose work discusses the natural world. The collective’s goal is to highlight the plight of the world’s wildernesses and wildlife, discuss our impact on the planet, encourage re-engagement with the natural landscape, and to promote preservation and care through art and creative outlets.

Collective members are multi-disciplinarians, with specialties including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, writing, digital techniques , film, sound and music.


The collective is concerned with the awareness and protection of wilderness and remote unspoilt landscapes, highlighting the relationships and interactions between people and places and the consequences of the ever increasing encroachment of  “civilization” in nature.

Read more on our website www.wildernessart.org