Introducing the Wilderness Art Collective

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Let me introduce to you the Wilderness Art Collective, of which I am a Co-Founder.

The Wilderness Art Collective is a group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists whose work discusses the natural world.   Our goals are to highlight the plight of the world's wildernesses and wildlife; to act as a space for discussion about our interaction with the environment; to encourage re-engagement with the natural landscape; and to promote preservation and care through art and other creative endeavours. 

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I couldn’t be more excited by this group of creatives; from painters, to film makers, to installation artists. I’ve always been inspired by others and love talking and exploring ideas with artists and people who are interested in the same ideas and values. The Collective has been officially together for 4 months, and we’re now planning our first show ‘Landlines’ at The Royal Geographical Society in September, all in aid of the Wilderness Foundation, a beautiful charity who support vulnerable young life’s using wilderness therapy.

The first time I discussed the idea of the collective with fellow Co-Founder Luke M Walker, over a tea one rainy afternoon, I didn’t know where it would lead. Now just over 9 months later we are a group of 20 very talented creatives and it’s still growing. I’ve met new friends, been blown away by every single artist’s story and drive and I feel so honoured to be helping them band together to do great things.

Every artist has their own unique voice, from Hannah Scott’s installation art discussing plastic pollution, to Dom Bush’s beautiful documentary’s exploring the way humans interact with their environment, and to Louise Ann Wilson thought provoking site-specific walking-performances using the landscape to explore ‘missing’ or marginal life-events. And that just 3!

We believe that art can act as a thought-provoking communication channel to discuss messages around conservation and our reciprocal relationship with the natural landscape around us. Through art and through forging new relationships, we intend to inspire people to realise the value of our natural landscapes and to galvanise change for the future.

Watch this space for more from the Collective

Read more about the collective and meet all the artists on our website

Samantha Gare