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Snowboard Art

"I've never used spraypaints

so it was a great opportunity to learn a new artistic medium"

The first thing I needed to do was decide what to use as the 'snowboard'. Luckily after building my studio I had a lot of plywood left over, which did the trick. The board is totally flat but I cut the curved edges to give it the standard snowboard shape.

Then it was the fun part, the painting. I used the same paint markers I use for my paperbased work, but as I would be painting on wood and wanted a strong finish I couldn't use pastels as I would normally do for the sky and clouds. So this turned out to be a great opportuntity to try out spraypaints, something I've wanted to do for aggggeeeess!!

Check out the below gallery to see the process

Since I have been drawing and painting mountains I've always had 'snowboards' in the back of my mind. Snowboards are a way to the mountains for many people, myself included, and after seeing some amazing designs I wanted to have a go. Not having a board to a hand I thought I could create work based around the shape of a snowboard.

Over all I think the boards turned out well, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this new work will go.

The only thing left is to resin the boards to give them a high gloss finish.

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